Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Cavaliers

I've mentioned how much I love music before. As a child I was sure I would be a world famous singer by the age of 16. Now that I am 24 I fear my time to make it is running out.
As luck would have it, Jon is quite a talented musician himself. He plays guitar, a little piano and he really kills ProTools. ProTools is an audio editing mixing and sequencing computer program- essentially Jon could make a cd if he wanted to.
Which is why I constantly hound him to team up and form a MySpace band. Nothing serious, just putting something out there...I just need to express myself man. We could be a slightly more tan White Stripes except I would write the lyrics, and of course sing them. He could make the beats, play guitar, edit the music- you know...supervise.

He simply refuses to do this.

Thats awkward he said.

What?Why? Why would that be awkward?

(He shakes his head...smiling because he knows that I am three quarters serious, one quarter giving him a hard time)

I mean...I don't know dude. (He caves a little bit). What kind of music would you want to make?

Well, I was thinking we could be like...a more tan version of the White Stripes.


But I would write the lyrics. You'd just do the music.

No dude, thats not how it works.

(a few moments later)

I bet we could do an Iron and Wine thing...Do you think we could make that work?


I totally should have stuck with the piano, huh? That'd make me a better band mate...

Dude. What are you taking about?

I mean like if I played an instrument, it might be more appealing...

Yeah maybe.

Its not that he is being rude. He is actually humoring me throughout the 5 hour long debate. But I think he is stuck on the Sonny and Cher visual...too much Brady Bunch not enough funk.
I remind him that I was chosen from a group of 33 children in my kindergarten class to be Mother Goose in Mother Goose.
I also remind him that in fifth grade I was chosen to be Dame Van Winkle in the classic hit Rip Van Winkle.
Born Star. I say. Star POWER.

He said he'd have to think about it, but before he lost interest completely I said:

Quick: If we were to make a band what would we be called?

Honey..Again, you can't rush it...all this stuff...You're being kind of cavalier.

The Cavaliers! I love it!

Dude, It's perfect.