Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday I took an evening walk to our local grocery store which is just three blocks away and within our complex. We go there so often that Jon has full-on conversations with the guys that work there each time we stop by. And that is usually 6 times a week. We don't know their names but there are three guys- one of them has spiderwebs tattooed on both of his elbows, one other does not but is of the same age, and one is older but is always there. They are known as Spidey, Homeboy and The Other Dude. (Buying tampons there is awesome).

So I was walking there and I suddenly had a feeling. A LUCKY feeling. I can't explain it. The weather was nice and the walk made me feel like I was back in Rome walking to the nearby and privately owned Coca Cola vendor.

I thought back to third grade (1992-1993). In third grade we had bi-weekly raffles in which the entire class would either submit points for citizenship or guess a certain amount in a jar and win: I WON FOR LIKE THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT. I am not kidding. And after I won for three months straight someone's dad came in to talk about abalone fishing and brought a shell in to raffle: I won that shit too. Everyone said "awwww. Maaaaan. Gossshhh" My teacher (Miss Shmagranoff) turned to the dad and said "She always wins".

I mean, I WAS born on St. Patrick's Day.

Cut to yesterday: Lottery drawing day. How lucky is it that I decide that I am lucky on the very day that they pick the numbers? I buy the tickets from The Other Dude. I tell him: "I'm feeling lucky: I'll take two". We banter about it, he sincerely wishes me good luck and I walk home thinking about whether or not I will go to work the next day after I win tonight (after all, I just took three weeks off).

In the time from when I buy the tickets to the drawing I totally forget all of life's complexities. Why worry about laundry and cleaning and feeding myself when in a few hours I will hire someone to do it for me? I start to think about holding that big old check and choosing between the lump sum (what I really really want) and the annual payments (so like...would I still have to work?).

Such was the case yesterday. Which is sort of why I didn't write a blog. It's not that I make money from it(the blog) or need to...I just thought about how awesome it would be for my post to be as THIS WEEK'S SUPER LOTTO WINNER!!

Anyways. Brace yourselves, because I have some news.

I did not win.

Cut back to FIFTH grade. We had a drawing based on the year's citizenship and scholarship points. I had like 33 tickets in the raffle box which was oh so many (I was the fucking vice-president you would hope I know my shit) and I did not win a god damn thing in the raffle.

Oh the reality of life and lotto.

Smart people would say it is a lesson in mathematics, and odds. I say its fucking bullshit if my luck ran out in elementary school.

Luckily I am lucky in a lot of other ways.