Tuesday, September 23, 2008

IL Comandante

While we were on the ferry going from Italy to Spain we were fortunate enough to have a little bit of evening entertainment. The slots, the sea, the beverages and the completely unexpected karaoke session.

A rag tag group of Euro Hipster men wore headset microphones like Brittany, Madonna and the Jacksons do. They played a lot of songs we had never heard of and their job was to get the crowd "hyped up". They kicked off an open mic karaoke set by calling up an elderly Italian gentlemen that killed whatever song it was that he was singing. No one was dying to jump up on stage after him- tough act to follow.

This is a situation in which only a leader will step up- in our case it was the "Commander" of the ship. Before we knew it "Il Comandante" had taken over the stage for more than 3 songs! His unbuttoned sailors uniform, his well timed scats along with the music and of course his small yet decidedly cruise ship style dance moves made me wonder when and where he learned how to drive ships...