Monday, September 22, 2008

The Flying Frenchman

This week I'm planning on posting small highlights of our recent trip to Europe in photos, short essays and videos that did not make the original posts. This way I can milk my vacation for all that it is worth.

The following is a video of a man that we saw while we were in Amsterdam one night. When we first walked by him he was sitting on the sidewalk leaning up against a canal bridge. His eyes were almost all the way closed as he threw his belongings one at a time out of his backpack, cursing the very world that we cohabitate. At first I thought that he was just very drunk but the events that ensued once we sat down at a nearby restaurant patio led us to believe that perhaps this particular French man was in fact under the influence of one of Amsterdam's more potent substances- say, magic mushrooms?

I think the most hilarious part of the entire hour that we observed him was his constant threat of jumping into the canal (see 41 seconds into the video). After three or four scares we decided that he was definitely not serious but was desperately seeking attention from any and all that walked by. And he got it from us...He just may not have realized...

During the time we sat and enjoyed our drinks he danced, engaged the trash can in a very serious conversation, threw items into the street, very nearly dropped his entire bag into the canal and was stood up to by what turned out to be a compassionate Dutchman.

Something fun about the blog is that I am constantly learning how to do new things- today it was adding background music to a video. Hope you enjoy-