Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is it about Airports?

I dropped Jon off this morning at Oh-Dark-Thirty and I don't know man, but airports make me cry! Goodbyes in general: I do not enjoy. It was funny because I swear Lucy could tell something was up as Jon gathered up his various bags and carry-ons. For a minute she grabbed her frisbee and ran around the house like it was either time to play or time to go to the farm- shaking her tail-less backside hither and tither. (LOVE that I just got to say hither and thither). But alas, she would have to go back to bed for another 8 hours until play time.

I decided to come in to work straight from the airport because I work about 3 minutes away and it just didn't make sense to go home. The drawback: It is still totally dark outside and it feels like I am an extremely dedicated capitalist that has stayed long after the business day- or like I never left at the end of the day yesterday.

The perk: I can make up for the blog I missed last night while Jon and I were at this restaurant.