Thursday, August 21, 2008

Five Foot Three of Sunshine

Okay, so I don't love flying. I mean, I know aaaalll the arguments, its safer than driving a car, blah blah blah. It still doesn't sit very well with me. I mean, I've seen like 5 car accidents this month, like I was a WITNESS. Flying better be safer than driving.

When I do fly I can pull it together but there is a general feeling of: Well. Here we go...hope this goes well.

Here is a conversation I had with my mom via many emails in one work day on the matter:

Me: I'm a little bit concerned about what the Magic 8 Ball had to say about my flight.

Mom: Well you shouldn't have asked it ya' Ding Dong!

Me: Did you see there was a recent plane crash?

Mom: I did see that...You better watch your KARMA. (this was in reference to another side conversation we were having.)

Me: Karma will probably bite you in the ass before me.

Mom: If I fall and break my hip tonight you'll feel so bad.

Me: Yah. But when you're in the hospital...Awaiting your hip replacement, and you hear that a plane has suddenly exploded on its journey across the Atlantic, you'll feel bad too. Worse even.

Mom: We are done here.

Me: I think its because I am a mammal that I don't like when I or my people fly. Mammals do not fly.

Mom: Bats do. And squirrels do. More like the mammal in you that is afraid of falling...way down.

Me: Oh! Bats and squirrels do? Well in that case...

And I don't think squirrels fly - They take big leaps.

Mom: They soar