Monday, August 25, 2008

Because I Have Already Had McDonalds Twice

I debated blogging on this topic. I don't usually TRY to make myself look helpless, but in this instance it is apparently true. With Jon gone I am more like a bachelor than most bachelors. I did not shower all weekend and I watched several movies including American Pie and Knocked Up. At times I found myself laughing out loud by myself. As to whether or not I managed to brush my teeth...I cannot recall.

I think my laziness actually carried on to the pets via osmosis.

Making important food decisions is proving to be difficult as well- the good news is that the inability to cook doesn't make me less of a woman. It may even make me more of a feminist, but at any rate without Jon, his cooking or our collaborative decision making processes I have resorted to the following:

Dinner #1 - Peanut butter sandwich. Fun size bag of Nacho Cheesier Doritos smothered betwixt the slices and peanut butter. We have so little food in the house that I even ate the bread that had a little bit of mold on it. Yeah. Ordinarily - one freckle of mold and I retire the loaf. Not so in my brief bachelorhood.
The side dish? Trader Joes microwavable spinach artichoke dip with stale tortilla chips.

Dinner #2 - McDonalds

Dinner #3 - McDonalds

Dinner #4 - In n Out Burger

As a bachelor I am also very obviously concerned with my health.