Monday, July 21, 2008

The World as we Know it has Ended

Halfway through my drive to work today I had reached my personal threshold in terms of tolerating the morning talk shows. I turned on the Beatles White Album, Disc One which has been in my car for 6 months now (literally). I clicked on the seek button to go back to the beginning of song number 13, Rocky Raccoon (which I am like so loving these days) and the cd player said....Err.
As in, "Err, did you want me to play your cd? 'Cause, err, I don't think I will"

Now I am not a fan of guns in general, but if I were to have a gun it would be a pearl handled revolver. And if I had said pearl handle revolver I would have aimed it straight at my cd player this morning and shot it for its insolence.