Monday, July 21, 2008

Things that are currently rocking my fucking socks off (and other assorted goodness)

1. Internet high five for the longest blog entry title so far! (Slap)

2. Today I bought an awesome new backpack for our upcoming trip! Are we backpacking? No, But Jon tells me its just easier to carry your stuff around like this, and frankly I've always wanted one! (Mom says: I thought you were supposed to be saving)

3. Here is a photo of that awesome backpack that I bought today that was in fact, already figured into the budget. ('Nother high five...(Slap!)):

4. One day like maybe 8 months ago, maybe longer -who knows anymore- We got some legal looking thing that, bottom line, as far as we were concerned meant that somewhere, many many moons down the line, we might be able to get a piece of a settlement in a lawsuit against our apartment complex. They offered something called "bonus bucks" when we moved in, which basically was like a monthly $300 credit for a year or something. But After that year the rent went up and apparently something about this was illegal. We filled out the paperwork thinking, Yes, it would definitely be sweet to get a bunch of money randomly one day, but pretty much forgot all about it. And hand to heaven we got a couple of letters in the mail today saying that there is a handsome European bonus headed our way.

5. Also, one time when I was maybe a sophomore in high school I obliged a telephone surveyor with a few minutes of my time. She assured me that I would receive a small cash reward, "enough for a donut and a coffee" in the mail and I was like "Ya, Whateva Lady". Then 8 weeks down the line I got like Thirteen Bucks CASH in the mail! (Elyse, I know this recently happened to you, sit tight sister- the money is coming!)

6. Our neighbors recently added two dogs to their family and now with 4 animals total (they have 2 cats) they have officially taken the title of Doolittle Household on our block. An honor we don't mind passing on. Anyhoo, they bought their tiny dog a huge dog bed and they just didn't have room for it. So they asked if we wanted it. And I was like "Hecks Ya we want that!"

7. There is a 'reality' show called "From G's to Gents" on MTV and a guy from my high school that always exhibited interesting fashion decisions and a unique sense of self decided to participate. I almost cannot handle this it is so hilarious.