Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recurring Weirdo

Is it weird to blog about your dreams? Because I have a few that come up every now and then in my repertoire, if you will. I never feel stressed or scared by them, they are always kind of fun...Like that one time you went camping and took some magic mushrooms (Don't act like you don't know who you are...) The only one that gives me the slightest bit of unease is number one:

1. I forgot that I had to re-take that college math class and I cannot graduate until I do. This dream is teamed up with a very distinct "oh shit" feeling. Very cliché, I know, but I really did fail math a few times so this dream isn't really a big stretch.

2. Jon and I are in our massive apartment complex. The world, as we know it, has ended. There is a gigantic T-Rex (a la Jurassic Park) that is terrorizing our neighborhood but that only comes out at night. For some reason we are always out right before dusk, but we are always on a mission.

3. I am running from something and its like I hit my power-booster-warp-speed button and I just take off like a fucking cheetah.

4. Water is a huge theme (I'm a Pisces, discuss the relevance amongst yourselves) and after reading back the following sublist I daresay that theme parks are prominent as well-

a. It is Halloween, I am dressed up as Shamu the killer whale and then Lo and Behold, I am splashing around in the ocean and leaping out of the water. I thought I made a fabulous Orca but dreaming that you're a whale isn't ideal.

b. I am at a water park. There are large water slides criss-crossing high above me. I am in an infinitely long line. This has got to be related to the time that I almost drowned in a wave pool at a water park. Sort of Beetlejuice...you know- the "long wait"... but like way more fun.

c. My river rafting team and I are rounding the corner on a deep and slow moving river. There is a huge waterfall coming up and yet the whole thing felt very Splash Mountain.

d. I am snorkeling in the ocean and the plant and animal life below me is so colorful and so amazing that it almost feels like I am snorkeling in Walt Disney's submarine adventure. (Probably to do with my former aspirations to be an underwater archaeologist, a job which would kick all other jobs' asses.)

No need to strain yourself friend, let me tell you what all of this means:

Essentially, In my dreams I am a fish. A really really fast and futuristic fish. A fast and futuristic, adventurous fish that, despite all of its good qualities, never managed to master fractions.