Sunday, July 13, 2008

Keepin' Up Shop

I was over at the Fort Mason Center, which overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz this weekend- I went to the Renegade Craft Fair with Jon's sister Joanna, her friend and their kids Liam and Marin (Who are both adorable, by the by) and I had a quick second to take a few photos before I met up with them.

I saw so much cute stuff at each and every booth at the fair that I seriously could have gone nuts and bought a whole new, handmade life. I decided that I would not feel guilty as long as I bought things for our house. Not clothes or jewelry, but stuff to hang up or enjoy together. So I bought a few prints that I LOVE and later in the day bought a few cheap frames (Aaron Brothers is having a buy one-get one for a penny sale!) and some thick water color paper to make borders out of...

I bought a couple other smaller prints that I love equally as much that hang just to the right of the bookshelf.

What with all of the crafty goodness and the new found fabulousness, I felt like a big cleaning and rearranging was in order. Luckily, when Jon built this bookshelf, we measured it to fit this particular nook, just in case we ever wanted to move it to this spot. I'm trying to find some new fun thing to put on the top of it...We've had these drums up forever, and we're thinking, wait for it....A lantern collection? (My mom just said, Jesus Christ). I don't know, I think it would be fun if some of them could light up.

We got this table from Ikea not too long ago, its actually oak, rather than the particle board you usually get with Ikea furniture and we can expand it to fit like 16 people (still not enough, but whatever). And Jon, of course built this mirror as well. We have a few cool plates and whatnot that we want to hang up in this room but I haven't found the hooks we need to do it yet.

So I'm starting to like totally heart the downstairs of our place. (upstairs needs a miracle.)