Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A blog on blogging

So I'm at a crossroads here. I had a whole entry typed out that was, in fact, hilarious. I told my mom earlier today that I really REALLY really wanted to blog about this topic...and she sent me a one sentence email saying: DO NOT DO THAT.

Now that wasn't going to stop me, but I talked to Jon about it too and he pretty much thought the same. (seriously, its not like I was going to be talking about baby killing or something) He added that if someone says "don't blog about that"...you probably shouldn't blog about it. I really have never been very good at following directions. So I wrote almost the entire entry and then, I had doubts. Would my mother kill me? Will I lose one of my 8 readers?

You see people, with great blogging comes great responsibility. I can't simply cast away my family and friends' feelings in the name of my website statistics (except for some of you, you know who you are). For example, my brother, who never reads my site- who probably doesn't know that I have a blog- I could write something really funny about him. But that wouldn't be fair.
But not fair.

So speaking of the Bloganator- One of the best keywords yet:

"Me and my friends saw platypus movie Keanu"

How awesome is that?