Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Jon and I ran some errands in the East Bay today and to do that we had to take the Bay Bridge. (duh). So we had just gotten on the bridge when I noticed about 4 police cars surrounding a white van and a truck, all moving at normal speed more or less in the left lanes.

Jon said "Maybe whatever is in that truck is so crazy hazardous that it needs a police escort across just to be safe".

As soon as he said that I was positive we were going to die.

Slow down! I said, Why are you trying to get close to it? Oh! Here exit at Treasure Island!

But as he sped up alongside the police cars we noticed that there were people sitting on the back and the front of the truck. And that the people in the white van were sort of supervising. As we passed in front of them we realized that the front end had two people and a huge movie camera and when we lined up for the perfect shot I fumbled the camera phone.

I did get one from the side though-

So in like a year...when you're at the movie theater and you see a shot coming across the Bay Bridge Eastward look for Jon and I waving and throwin' up thumbs up like nobody's business. We're basically already famous.