Thursday, June 5, 2008

Learn How to Knit in One Blog Entry (and then go back to being a badass)

Gentlemen listen up, this particularly pertains to you.

Knitting is actually really easy and once you get just a few small parts down you can be well on your way to creating something unique for yourself. I'm not trying to say that the first complete thing that I knitted was fabulous (ask Emily, she was the gracious recipient) but like everything else it just takes a little bit of time.

So. Just a couple of tips to begin with:

Don't get too thin of yarn or too small of needles to begin with- otherwise it will take you forever. Its fun on a new project to see your progress. And also, be prepared to undo the beginning of your project a couple of times, if you make a mistake when knitting always go back and fix it otherwise it will show on your final piece. There are good illustrations and directions here that will also show you several different ways to begin.

This first video shows how you:
1. Make a slip knot onto the needle to attach the yarn.
2. Cast On using a method called "the slingshot". This will get your yarn ready to start knitting and will determine how wide your project will be.

The second video will show you how to do a basic knit stitch. Once you get the hang of this you will practically know the purl stitch as well- It is the same as the knit stitch, just reversed.

Next week: How to keep it gangster.