Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good Clean Humor

So the "Funniest Person" poll is officially closed and we have a winner! Mike Myers won and I have to tell you that in my mind he was the total dark horse- definitely not the favorite going into the race but apparently the people have spoken and they've said WE LIKE MIKE!

I used to LOVE Leslie Nielson when I was a little kid, he totally should have been included in the poll; I used to think that slapstick humor was a gift from the stars, sparkling magical light down on my little piece of the world. Now it drives me crazy! I can't stand "potty jokes" and images of men getting hit in the nuts by various different objects. I call this "Nuts and Butts" humor. If you are using Nuts and Butts humor you are bound to say the word POO at some point. I hate that word. Call it poop if you have to, or shit if its appropriate, but frankly I don't think it should be referred to all.