Monday, April 7, 2008

PART II The Tackiest Boss Ever

The following entry is Part II in a miniseries of III entitled "A Series of Unfortunate Employments" wherein the author (myself) will discuss her three previous places of employment and how and why each one was so woefully unbearable.

Bellisima* (A wholesale jewelry/scarves company. Total employees after I left: one)
1. The owner was an extremely annoying Jewish New Yorker transplant to San Francisco and when she would ask me for THE SCISSORS she would say "heyand mee tha SIZZA". As though she was the one person in the world that had thought that one through.

2. She appeared to be one of those people whose lips were always a little too wet.

3. She was cheap as hell and did terrible business from the addition to the top floor of her house. The room was so small at times I had to duck to go from one side of the room to the next.

4. She apparently had a method of applying make-up that involved a paint ball gun and some distance.

*While I ended up LOATHING this woman, I don't think it would be fair to her to use her real business name....but this one is pretty close :)