Monday, April 7, 2008

PART I The Trashiest Pizza Joint Ever (Chico, Sweet Chico)

The following entry is Part I in a miniseries of III entitled "A Series of Unfortunate Employments" wherein the author (myself) will discuss her three previous places of employment and how and why each one was so woefully unbearable.

Rico's Pizza: ( "Rico" was a Pakistani man named Navid (Nah-Veed))
1. Once there were ants on the buffet table and rather than handle the problem through the appropriate pest control avenues he said "Hey, girl whose name I never learned, just stand here and keep wiping." Yes it was gross and it was one of the many times I rubbed management the wrong way with my non-compliance.

2. How about a pizza metaphor? The kind of people that attend an all you can eat pizza buffet are the discarded crust of society. And they swim laps in vats of ranch.

3. We made these god awful MASSIVE gimmicky pizzas that just begged for large parties of cheap people that would invariably order 6 million pitchers of:

4. Coors Light which for some reason always poured foamier than Cujo salivating before dinner. The rocket scientists in the pizza lab could never figure out why...