Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Facing the Awful Truth

So. I was feeling pretty confident about things...And I haven't mentioned anything because I didn't want to jinx it...But I've had to come to a cold hard truth recently.

I don't think I'm the winner of the 2010 HGTV Dream Home.

I entered everyday. And entering was exciting because I just knew that I was going to win. I felt like I was actively working towards a future by entering to win this fabulous prize package.

The thing is I actually work for a company that does sweepstakes and promotions (duh, the eight of you that read this blog already know me and that.) (Lets say for argument's sake that you don't.) Sometimes my job involves getting in touch with people we have selected as winners and letting them know the exciting news. We give away a lot of vacations, an occasional car - a lot of times winners can take the cash value of the prize if they want. I've never had anyone do the big WHAHOOOOO! Which I always halfway expect, but one woman did cry a lot, thanked Jesus profusely and then said that it was a total sign and that she needed to donate all of the money to her church. (And I was like "on second thought, it looks like you're our first ALTERNATE. My bad.")

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm sort of like Ed McMahon.

Except instead of knocking on your door I call you on the phone and if I don't have your phone number I send you a packet of paperwork that you undoubtedly find suspect. Emailing you doesn't work either - even if my message DIDN'T go straight to your spam filter, you wouldn't believe an email titled "You've Just Won The Grand Prize!!!!!" anyway.

When I talk to you on the phone I get at least one fact wrong that I later need to clear up with you - A fact that leads you to again suspect that something about what I am saying is fraudulent (but it's really not.) (Honest.)

So I know how these things go. If I were the winner, I would have heard by now. They would need to make sure that I am in fact eligible. That I am not a 15 year old kid who resides outside of the United States or Puerto Rico. HGTV would look ridiculous if they put on a big production for a winner and then later realized they could not take the prize.

Because oh yes, I've reviewed the rules. And I know that they reserve the right to surprise the winner at their house, on March 15th in what they call "ambush style". They are already promoting the show so it is going to happen on the 15th.

Even though I am certain I'm not the winner - I just want to say that I am totally worried about having plans all day on the 15th. We definitely won't be home for most of the day. Thinking about leaving a note on the door with my cell phone number...

Better safe than sorry methinks.