Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Phuket to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur

Our time in Phuket was relaxing and a nice change up from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. We spent a lot of time lounging by our hotel's pool which overlooked the Andaman Sea - a perfect turquoise blue body of water that, at night, lit up with the glow of simple fishing boats in the distance. One day at low tide we went across the street to the beach and walked out as far we could go on the rocks and checked out the tide pools. It was pretty neat.

Every evening around 6pm it rained and our last night there had some intense thunder and lightning, but regardless of how hard it stormed it always cleared up within the hour. It was a really beautiful place. Today, before we left for the airport we took a quick trip to Patong Beach which is where the major tourist action is. It really had a sort of Cancun vibe and we were glad that our hotel was tucked away near Kamala Beach where it was more peaceful. All in all I would definitely recommend a trip to Phuket.

We made it to Singapore this evening...Actually it is about midnight and we spent most of the late afternoon and evening traveling. We had a short layover before a connecting flight in Kuala Lumpur which was kind of neat. Our hotel room here is teeny tiny! But we are excited to get out and see the city for the next two full days. So far everything that you hear about Singapore being the cleanest city ever is completely true - even down to the grooming of plants and trees, its pretty incredible. When I mentioned this to our cab driver he said, very practically, "Well. Yes, this is where we are living it is good to make a habit of keeping it nice."

Hm. Certainly makes sense to me.