Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little India and Arab Street

We slept in more than usual today after coming in to Singapore late last night. Our hotel, as I mentioned, is itty bitty, teeny weeny (not pictured here) - smaller than my freshmen dorm room in Chico NO JOKE. But the internet is free and we get HBO, what more could we possibly need?

We are right smack in the middle of Little India and just as our guidebook says, it really does feel like we are in India itself. From the people to the saris and Punjabi suits to the temples and stores around.

It's pretty neat. While we did some shopping today my mom picked up a few long Indian shirts and I got a scarf that I love. We also stopped into an Indian crafts shop and were tempted by everything they had in stock.

And lastly for Little India today, we popped into a nearby Indian restaurant for dinner tonight and it was delicious. As I think about it, I'm pretty sure the only Indian food I've ever had was one chicken dish from a restaurant in San Francisco that also delivered pizza. Needless to say the food tonight was a bit more authentic and I'm glad we ate where we did.

After cruising around Little India this afternoon we made our way down Rochor Canal Road, up Victoria street and over to Arab Street.

Arab street has an enormous number of fabric and embellishment shops from silk to stores completely dedicated to ribbons. We also heard the prayers from the Sultan Mosque playing over the loudspeakers as we meandered through the shops. It was a colorful and interesting place to spend the afternoon.

I'm thinking tomorrow we will see some more classically Singapore sights like the Raffles Hotel and Museum and the orchid and botanical gardens for example. Stay tuned for that.

It is Tuesday and we are going to head back home this coming Sunday. In hindsight I'm not sure where the time went! Arriving in Singapore means we have visited seven cities, five countries, taken nine flights and had twelve stamps and two visas on our passports (so far!)

I guess when I put it that way, it's easy to see where the time went. What an amazing and interesting trip it has been. And yet still more to come. ;)