Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day of Temples in Cambodia

We LOVE Cambodia! It is gorgeous and green and the people are all incredibly friendly and open.

Today we spent most of the day touring the temples in the area, the most famous of course being Angkor Wat. But actually, there are a ton of temples in this area and as far as I am concerned Angkor Wat is not nearly the most beautiful. It does seem to be the largest though. A driver from our hotel took us from one temple to the next and we got to explore and take photos. I think this area is just starting to boom with tourism and as such we were able to walk on and through almost every single part of each of the ruins and only the very precarious and dangerous parts were blocked off for safety. I'm sure as foot traffic increases here there will be more and more parts that are off limits, so I feel really lucky to be here when we are.

Oh but lord is it hot here. So bloody hot. It feels like 110 degrees outside with 99% humidity. By the time we were leaving the last temple for the day, both my mom and I felt like we could literally faint or throw up it was so oppressively hot. My brother told us that Bangkok has heat and humidity like nothing we have ever experienced, but I wonder if he had been to Cambodia he might compare the two. Seriously, if you are like me and you show up here in a wool sweater you are a chump. Plain and simple.

We did not know what to expect when we got here, and I wasn't sure what our hotel would be like, but we lucked out. Not only is the hotel in a great location, but the service and attention we get here cannot possibly be matched by any hotel in the US unless you are paying thousands of dollars a night. If you're thinking about visiting southeast Asia I can't recommend coming to Siem Reap Cambodia enough, and further you must stay at the Pacific Hotel. It has been such a great experience so far.

Loving it!

I'm not sure what we'll do tomorrow, there is a night market that we can visit and also a hike we can take to get a great view of the sunset - and we could probably spend a lifetime and still not see all there is to see of the temples. We're just taking it one day at a time - stay tuned!