Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arrival in Bangkok

We had a very leisurely last day in Cambodia. We got up later than normal, made our way down to the pool and swam and laid in the sun for about two hours. This fun was finally interrupted by our 11:30 appointment for massages. We had a voucher for 40% off so we each got a one hour massage for like $12 total. It was unreal, and my first professional massage! I fully understand the appeal now.

After our massages we had lunch and then returned to the room to get ready for a little bit of shopping. Siem Reap has a few marketplaces that you can visit and so we hit the Old Market which had a lot of colorful scarves and bags, a ton of silver, and other assorted Cambodian goodness. Everywhere accepted American money and while I absolutely love the things I bought, I don't think I spent over $10 on a single item.

We got to and from the market by Tuk Tuk. Tuk Tuks are everywhere in Asia - picture a motorcycle/scooter with a wooden cart attached to the back that can sit two people (or maybe up to four for inventive Cambodians). We were weary at first, but it ended up being a fabulous way to cool off from the intense heat. And it was a good way to see the back streets and local shops.

As I said before, we absolutely loved Cambodia. The people were very friendly and genuine and the fabulousness of our hotel was an unexpected treat.

This morning we caught our plane to Bangkok Thailand - a forty minute flight and just a hop, skip and a jump over the border. We're only staying here for two nights so tomorrow will be the only full day here. There aren't quite as many tourist sites to visit here, but we've heard the shopping is fantastic and I intend on fully investigating that myself tomorrow.

Our hotel room here is on the 14th floor which feels really really high and it gives us an awesome 180 degree view of Bangkok and Chinatown.

We'll see what tomorrow has in store for us and then it is on to Phuket for a few days at the beach.