Thursday, August 6, 2009

Evening at the End of the Earth

We took the dogs to the beach today around five and it was a gorgeous day. Sometimes it will seem nice at our house and when we get to the beach,2.5 miles away, it is windy and about to be covered with a heavy marine layer. There wasn't a cloud in the sky this evening and the wind was very calm...Perfect for frisbee throwing.

When I first went to Fort Funston, shortly after we moved here, it was like visiting the Earth after civilization had ended. It is calm and vast. Weathered and broken-down cement buildings pop up out of sandy hills and low tide beaches. You can see passages that once lead up through the sea cliffs and abandoned bunkers that would, at high tide be inaccessible.

But along with all of the military relics that have been grown over, there is plenty of natural beauty too. An archway that has eroded with the cliff, the trees and coastal plants, and wildlife - like the whales I saw once, or the seal we saw today.

It's a good walk, a cool view and probably the best place to see a sunset in San Francisco. We're lucky to have it so close by.