Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reunited and it Feels so Good

On our last day at the old office I visited my most favorite restaurant for the last time: The taco truck. I was a little melancholy about the whole thing - I mean its been my most reliable food source for about a year now, and the guy that takes my order was just so lovely and the tacos, well, I've told you about the tacos. Anyway- my ass is not thanking me for having fried, floury folders of steak everyday and so while it was a sad farewell, it was most likely for the best.

We got to our new building Monday and after settling in a bit I visited my boss in her new shiny office. It has windows that look out on the parking lot and the benches where all the smokers congregate. Just over the grassy hill I noticed something - a familiar something - something that looked like the pop-up vents of a taco truck rooftop.

Could it be? I thought. Are those? Is that…? I composed my thoughts: DUDE there is TOTALLY a taco truck at the new office and it is even closer than the last one. But perhaps most importantly: When this taco truck drives up it's horn honks the music to "Tequilla" - Completely eliminating the need for any guesswork as to when it might show up and where it might be.