Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Right now on Facebook people are passing around a "25 things about me" note and when your friend tags you in the note you are then supposed to forward it on with 25 things about YOU and ideally your friends will do the same and so on and so forth.

I have been dying for someone to tag me in this so that I can regale them with 25 factoids about myself, but alas, no one has tagged me in the note (I mean, I think its obvious why: They all read my blog - the already know 25 things about me).

I have gotten close to being tagged.- my friend Kevin tagged me in one (and I said A HA! finally!) but by the time I logged in to look at it, Kevin had deleted it. And yes I suppose I could start my own note without being tagged, but one must maintain some semblance of social networking protocol.

In the meantime, my friend Elyse just did a "Favorite Things" post and at the end asks, "What are your favorite things?" And dammit - I'm considering that a tag.

And so I bring you some of my favorite things in and around my house right now:

I use this pitcher as a watering can - It was about $3.00 at Target because there is a small crack on it, but the more I use it, the more I absolutely love it.

My mom bought me this Peruvian wall hanging at Bazaar Del Mundo - one of San Diego's most awesome places to spend an evening. They had them at Anthropologie for awhile but of course they cost twice as much.

New IKEA lamp - I got two of these for our house and they help keep our tv area well lit.

Thanks to Pat for this Smith & Hawken mini metal tree (currently sold out).
It's Christmassy - but I think I can make it work year 'round.

If you know me at all you have seen me wear this ring. It is the all-time best jewelry purchase I have ever made and I am tempted to say that it is also the best all-around purchase as well. I got it for a steal at a Chico vintage shop.

The ancient coins that Mr Rose got me for Christmas. GREAT gift.

Jade necklace from Oaxaca. I bought this at the archaeological site Monte Alban.
Jade is my middle name, but the small Mayan woman that sold me this did not care.

Home grown cilantro that looks pretty when it flowers and smells oh-so-good.

I bought these plates at the Salvation Army because I thought that some day I might make a mosaic. When I got them I thought they were hideous, but they have totally grown on me.

Rubber stamps are huge in my life now. I was never very good at drawing so I think that a well placed stamp goes a long way.