Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall on the Farm

Jon picked me up from work on Friday with the dogs in tow and every single piece of laundry that either one of us has ever owned. It was Halloween of course and it was sort of raining and we were really hoping to avoid traffic. Lucy was pretty bad the whole time but aside from that predictable unpleasantness the trip went really quick and we got to Pat's (Jon's mom) while it was light out and just before it started raining.

I unloaded the two MASSIVE bags- seriously, Jon's lacrosse bag which could fit a body and then his abnormally large backpacking backpack all completely full with our life: in fabric. I unloaded these bags in the laundry room and did laundry for two days straight.

On Saturday Jon got a last minute appointment at the only salon in the world that he will get his haircut at. The Auburn, California Super Cuts. I think he likes the ladies that work there-they have sort of a no-nonsense approach to hair cutting. He got a damn good haircut too and I swear to you it was record time.

"Hit gold this time" He says about the new haircut.

After the haircut we did what any group of civilized human beings does: We roamed around Best Buy and Target. Jon and I tried fruitlessly to show Pat a small glimpse of The Cavaliers by using the Best Buy demo model of RockBand, but the microphone had been cut off and stolen, the drum kick pedal was broken in half and Jon was forced to play in lefty mode. We were booed off the stage. NOT TYPICAL, just to clarify.

At Target Jon got a lucky number of his most favoritist sweaters. We also picked up a new sofa cover for my couch that has followed me around for the past 10 years (at least). It is by far the best fitting sofa cover EVER and we got some new pillows too. I'm going to make new pillowcases for the original pillows because its a huge couch and it needs the big down pillows to keep you upright. Just FYI.

But perhaps most fabulously, the fruits of our Target wanderings included a much debated kitchen TV which, I have to say does make spending time in the kitchen a lot less unbearable.

And yes, we had hamburgers for dinner tonight and they were damn good. Best homemade hamburgers ever, in fact. And guess what we had with the hamburgers?

Homemade pickles. Finally the day has come!! The pickles have pickled and they tasted, at first, perhaps a bit tart? But in the hamburgers they were PERFECT!. And that's at least good enough for me to not to be concerned for the well being of those that have a jar at home.