Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blogosphere Expolosion

There are three blogs that I routinely check in with. Three blogs that currently peak my interest for one reason or another. And they each happen to be going through something significant in their lives and so I thought I would link to each of them and give you a little blurb.

1. Dooce is pregnant. One of my staple, go-to bloggers, just announced that she is with child. Her blog is already funny and easy to relate to, and its hard not to love the simple layout.

2. This craft website is the source of a lot of inspiration. Turkey Feathers just published her first book. She bought one large wool blanket from an antique store and made over 40 different crafty items from it.

3. C jane run is a blog that has exploded ever since the blogger's sister and brother in law were involved in a near deadly plane crash. The blog occasionally gets a little, how do you say? Mormony? But the photos and the updates are enough to keep me reading and her sister, Stephanie, was just taken out of her medically induced coma. Yeah. C Jane also takes care of her sisters kids and has great taste in photos, colors and projects.

I think its really interesting the way that one blog can link to another blog and another and another. It is sort of like the modern equivalent of that game "Telephone"- you know that game where a line of people whisper the same phrase to each other and as the line progresses the words change, for example the original person says "Lizards are really gross" and by the end the sentence is something like "Blizzards don't happen on the west coast".

Anyways, Turkey Feathers linked to a blog one day called Domesticali. I had never checked it but I really liked it the day I tuned in and subsequently check in every few days. The blogger recently posted a series called "A Week in My Shoes" - But she didn't think of this theme on her own, she got it from another blog I had never seen: The Philosophy of Lists. A blogger that loves list making above all else. Since list making is on my top ten hobbies, I thought I would continue the momentum and start my own A WEEK IN MY SHOES.

Heading out to the Farmers Market for strawberries (to make strawberry jam!)

Forced against my will to play with the dogs because come 10:00am they literally stalk me until I take them outside.

Sunday morning breakfast at JDB - ALWAYS the Eggs Benedict - This photo is actually a reflection.

Late lunch at Subway - ALWAYS a 6 inch BLT on Italian Herb and Cheese bread with provolone, toasted.