Saturday, October 11, 2008


When we were in Rome we had a delicious dinner one night in a location that I can picture but cannot remember the name of. As soon as we sat down I noticed the couple to my right. They were American and probably between 65 and 70 years old. The first thing I noticed about them was the perfectly crisp and new white Golden State Warriors shirt. It was SUCH a crispy new shirt that I was immediately certain that he worked for the Warriors. I didn't mention it.

Throughout dinner we eavesdropped on their conversation (which was lovely by the way, they were a very cute couple) and Jon couldn't stop checking out the super hot 65 year old girlfriend. Occasionally our conversations merged momentarily, but never did they end up on the subject of our Golden State Warriors. Unsatisfied with the lack of recognition of this common thread, as we stood up to leave I balled my fist - the way you do when you are suggesting solidarity and I said. HEY. GO WARRIORS.
It turned out that the man we sat next to was a recruit for our favorite sports team. I knew it.

But apparently you do not have to be in Rome, Italy to run into someone from you favorite local sports team. Today I got a call from Jon who was driving across the Bay Bridge and he said:

DUDE, Al Harrington is right next to me on the bridge right now.


Jon: Yeah dude, he is driving a fat Rolls Royce with the top down. Its for sure him.

Me: Well dude, get the fist out there, give him a GO WARRIORS!!

Jon: Well, I'm not going to make a scene out of it.

Me: Oh Fuck That, you point to the phone and you wave to him. Point to your phone and wave to the man. JON, are you pointing to the phone and waving, because I don't mind I scene and I sure as hell say HELLO.

Jon: I'll do what I can.