Monday, October 13, 2008

Three Day Weekends Soothe My Soul

There are few things in life that I love more than a three-day weekend.

On Saturday I did very very little. I hung around, caught up on some much needed sleep and watched perhaps too many Lost episodes. Were it a regular, two day weekend, I would never have been so lazy, but alas, Christopher Colombus made that guilt free for me.

On Sunday I was ready to do something. I stared at my crafting supplies longing for inspiration but nothing came to me, so I of course had to go to Joann's Craft Store. There I picked up this book and found the perfect fabric to make a cute pillow. Details of course are coming on The Other Site.

On Monday we decided to take the dogs to the beach where we once again realized that we hate Lucy for pretty much the duration of that trip every single time we take it. Its nice now that it is evening though because she is dead to the world tired. That's when we love her the mostest.

In the evening we carved pumpkins. I have always wanted to be good at carving pumpkins but it is a skill that I was not necessarily born with. The end results were not as elaborate as I may have hoped for (that Martha Stewart sets a high bar), but I think they turned out okay. The rat on the mini-pumpkin is my favorite.