Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vive Nice!

Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour from beautiful Nice, France! My my my what a difference a train makes. We caught our train here this morning from Marseilles and sat next to an older woman that was British but lived in Monaco. When we told her we had ended up in the ultra ghetto of Marseilles she looked frightened and perhaps a little bit surprised we made it out unscathed. She said “oh my the dodgy part of Marseilles certainly IS dodgy”.

So apparently it would be like if you were French and you wanted to visit Los Angeles California and somehow you end up in Compton.
Oh but Nice…it is GORGEOUS! It is what we had imagined Marseilles would be. Our hotel is awesome and we already took a walk down the coast which was like being in the Bahamas…but in France. I didn’t know the water would be SO blue. We also had a few Cokes and a light lunch in the typical European style- outside in the sun, watching all of the people pass by. Interesting the differences in the people walking around Amsterdam and the people walking around Nice. Kind of like Bongos versus Boobs.

We have to leave tomorrow because we have reservations in Florence, (and because this hotel is completely booked after today) so tonight we will go out for dinner, have a few drinks and walk around the main streets- Then tomorrow we have a train to catch around 11am. We’ll be in Florence for three nights and then it is on to Rome!

Our hotel room finally has internet so here are a few photos of the last few days…First, Marseilles:
This was the view from out hotel room:

Then, Nice:

Yeah. I think you get it.