Friday, September 5, 2008

Firenze: Not just a Centaur in Harry Potter

Bonjourno from Italy! We checked into our hotel here in Florence and it is very comfortable. There were even slippers and bathrobes awaiting our arrival! Luckily they weren’t embroidered with my name or anything because then I would be forced to say FUCK IT, we’re moving in.

Apparently getting out of the South of France is a little bit like trying to get out of Hell. Its hot, and they really make it difficult to leave. That being said Jon and I couldn’t give each other enough high-fives for deciding to make our way into Nice- It was the perfect stop-over and we had a lot of good food and spent a lot of time walking around.

We were slightly delayed in heading out because the train that we needed to take was completely full. Consequently we ended up on a later more local train that had a ton of stops. The great part- the part that has made this journey by train no problem-is that the tracks wound around the Mediterranean coasts of France, Monaco and Italy. The architecture and the endless turquoise water were enough to make the first train ride (6 hours) fly by. The second train ride was a little over 2 hours but it was dark out so we didn’t kill any time with the scenery - we just put on a movie. About halfway through the trip the lights turned completely off in the train car we were sitting in and a nice Italian man sitting next to us joked by saying “yes, dis is Italy! Welcome in Italy!” He actually asked if we wanted to take out our map so that he could show us how to get to our hotel which was SO nice of him. We almost certainly would have gotten lost because that is basically the trend that we have set for ourselves thus far. and actually...we still got lost.

Today we woke up and had a little breakfast at our hotel and then arranged for tickets to the Uffizi Gallery- an art museum with the largest collection of Renaissance paintings in the world. It was very cool to see some of the most famous paintings like The Birth of Venus by Botticelli and other paintings by Michelangelo and Rembrandt. The Virgin Mary was apparently very hot shit at that time and frankly I am totally over her. Yes Friend, I have seen enough Mary!

We also checked out a Da Vinci exhibit that had a lot of the machines and inventions he created and then we later visited the massive plaza just down the street.

You may not believe this but I have yet to purchase any souvenirs! I'm thinking about buying a few street paintings of each city we are in, anyone have any other good ideas?

Thanks for reading! More this weekend as our hotel room has internet- CIAO!!