Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Cilantro Runneth Over

When Summer started I decided it was warm and sunny enough to try my luck at some potted plants out front. To my great surprise my plants are doing really well-

When I planted these I added some cilantro in the big pot along with some flowers and other greenery and it got huge! We had so much, and it smelled SO good that I made a little cilantro bouquet in anticipation of concocting a salsa the next day.

While I was cutting the white onion the fumes were so intensely unbearable that I actually had to rinse my eyes out. After I rinsed them however, I rubbed them with my fingers which did nothing other than JAM the painful onion fume further into my pores and eye balls.

I started stumbling around- reaching for the nearest piece of furniture- wondering if this was a way that one might go blind. OH THE AGONY! Eventually the pain subsided but only after I put on my sunglasses and finished the chopping.

I have a sort of unspoken competition with my neighbor who tries to liven up her front porch with flowers too. I have to say that I have won with flying colors. So when I spent like a hundred bucks in plants today to spruce up the other side of our front porch, it felt more like a victory lap than a financial burden. I didn't want to go as far as to gloat and take a new picture of my "garden" while it was still light outside. But I did ask Jon to take a picture of the neighbor's plants through our mailbox slot. To my great surprise...He did it.

(I think it's clear)

** Updated to add. We took a walk later on in the evening. And nobody was looking....and, well...I gloat.