Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not Getting Any Younger

Now don't get me wrong here. I'm not THAT old, but I'm sure as shit not a kid anymore. I am not entirely pleased with this fact because my childhood was awesome, but I think it would only bother me more to dwell on it.
Yes, I will just have to embrace the fact that I now shop at the GAP more than any hip "young" person should. I used to think that the Gap was SO uncool- that it only sold oddly shaped jeans that get really tight at the ankles and house millions of American Mom Butts. Now I can't get enough-

Hell these days I'll even peruse the Costco clothing department if you give me five minutes.

Not only have my shopping habits and choice in stores changed, yesterday about 30 minutes after lunch I had one of those half burp/half hiccup things. You know the kind that take adults completely by surprise? Yeah I did that and even took it one step further and did the obligatory "oh, ex-cuse me!" while patting my sternum completely bewildered as to how I couldn't tell that was coming.
Also, I am now physically unable to stay up after 11 pm. Don't even ask, seriously, because I really really want to but its just against the laws of nature once its that late. The only way I'll stay up is if we get carried away talking about "our tax dollars" and what they are or aren't hard at work doing.
And if they aren't hard at work, I would seriously consider writing someone a letter about it because I am apparently at the age when people start thinking about that kind of thing.

I am also very apprehensive behind the wheel these days- ESPECIALLY at night. Yes, like a little itty bitty old lady that stays in the fast lane on the freeway (even though shes only going 50 miles an hour) because there is less commotion over there- nobody getting on and off and whatnot.

Should I be taking a multi-vitamin?
How can I be more "regular"?
Is my hearing going downhill?
That Alan Rickman does something special for me...
Is this dull pain in my head going to lead to a stroke?
What color fabric will go with this embroidery pattern?

These are the kinds of things that run through my mind and while I am only 24 I think there is something to be said for planning ahead.