Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lea Lea Bo Bea Banana Fana Fo Fea

The following is Part One in a miniseries of three entitled "My Most Loyal Fans". While there are literally hundreds of you that check in on the Bloganator daily, the three people in this miniseries have proved themselves to be the most invested in the words of wisdom that come from this website.

This is Lea, she works in the Customer Service sector of our fine company. Lea is looking at a picture of Raquel Welsh and refusing to be photographed. She is saying "She does not look a day over 40!" in utter disbelief.

Lea reads my blog like a priest reads his bible. It is her religion. Sometimes she knocks all other religions so intently that the Customer Service Manager has to come in and tell her that she is offending people.

Lea has invented a new AIM abbreviation. It is LOTT (which means Laughing on The Toilet for the layperson. ) LOTT is really sweeping the nation and Friends, I encourage you not to be left behind.

Lea's Favorite Schumanator Entry to Date:

"Spring has Sprung"
Lea's Best Blog Comment to Date:
"but the D&D guys...they were cool, right? LOTT!"