Thursday, May 8, 2008

Banana Hater

This is Erin. Erin and I have been friends for 8 years.
She likes my blog so much that when her internet is not working, she finds an alternative means of access and views my blog from there. For example:

"I read the bloganator and it was pretty sweet. My internet was down when I got home yesterday and like the avid fan that I am, I checked it from my phone. Say it with me now, "dedicated"."

During a winter break from college I had Erin and a few other "close" friends over and she got really wasted and wandered upstairs in the middle of the night and set the house alarm off. My mom still refuses to forgive her. (Nobody ever bothered to ask why I would turn on the house alarm when friends were sleeping over)

Erin also hates bananas. Sight, smell and fact I think she even hates the thought of bananas.

I have told Jon that Erin pitched a no-hitter once in high school so many times that now he cuts me off before I even finish the sentence. But it's true, she did and she (with my help) could definitely kick your ass.

Erin's Favorite Schumanator Entry to Date: (Toss up) "Survivor: San Francisco" and "The Truman Show"
Erin's Best Blog Comment to Date: "
Well, I for one am totally entertained with the content of the bloganator. But I am familiar with the operator situation that you speak of and tu mama has a valid reason for her frustration. I mean, despite how hilarious it is to listen to you say something to Jon… hear his retort in the background… listen to you two discuss the topic for a minute… and then hear your version of what I have just heard him say can get a little confusing."