Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Up to Brisbane

Today around 12:00 I peeked my head over my cubicle wall and noticed a big plume of smoke billowing up from the hill just across the freeway from our building in the sleepy town of Brisbane, California. It wasn't a second later that I realized that I was witnessing the makings of a brush fire that in a few moments would pick up and sweep across the hill.
At that moment however I was disappointed to see that the people I would normally mention it to were nowhere to be found. So like a dumb ass, I walked to the middle of the office, looked left and then right and just blurted out:

"DUDE. Fire!!"

There were three people in the room at the time and they each looked at me, completely unamused, and then looked away again; In my haste I forgot that they were each on conference calls and as "the new girl" I guess I could have gone without that.

But seriously, in a matter of minutes it started looking really "ferocious" (SFgate's word) and it was quickly nearing the lone house on the hill. And for a moment it seemed so determined to fuck shit up that 19 fire engines, one water tanker, a helicopter and two airplanes were all called on the scene.

During the fire two things kept running through my mind:
1. Why didn't I bring my camera today? This is perfect for the Bloganator
2. So, like...Are we gonna get to leave early?

In the end it only burned about 8 acres... Fine it was 7... But it looked really scary.
I chalked it up to God brewing up a fire, ensuring that I would have something to blog about today. He is so selfless like that.

But no, we didn't get to leave early. (Where was the big man on that one?)