Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Truman Show

Every now and then something will come around in my life that I become temporarily obsessed with. Whether it is a song I put on repeat, a store I love to shop in, or a meal that I love to eat, I will partake in this "something" until I utterly wear it out. In some circles this is called Addictive Behavior. Occasionally a store or restaurant owner will catch on to the sudden spike in sales and they will actually raise the price of the item. Supply in demand, Yeah, but I'm just one person.
Take for example Banana Island. A restaurant that offers specialty dishes from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. They have two things that I would inject into my veins if I could: Roti Canai and Satay Chicken. I started phoning in orders SO often that the manager of the restaurant started saying in the most amazing accent "oh, I kno yuuuu".
Now. Prices have gone up like $3.00 total for my whole combination in the past month, fine (I'm made of money) but they give half the Roti that they used to and they have changed to some smaller, less appealing chicken. How can I be sure? Well, time was I couldn't finish the whole meal. Couldn't even consider it. Now:
It doesn't even stand a chance.

Anyways, this just really chaps my ass....Discuss amongst yourselves...