Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring has Sprung

We spent the weekend at Jon's mom's farm in Auburn. Auburn is in the foothills of California in Gold Rush Country.
We made the plan to visit because Pat (Jon's mom) just acquired three pygmy goats that we were desperate to play with. One of her horses had a baby too and it was adorably fuzzy and wobbly. It was sunny with a nice breeze and with all of the babies arriving and the flowers blooming I was forced to recognize that Spring has sprung her lazy ass out of Winter's slumber.

Another fun thing about her house is that Lucy and Zephyr can visit their families too!

In this photo is Lucy's mom, dad and sister. Lu is the only one smiling in the front (because she is nuts). Zephyr is the good boy in the front right and his mom is in the picture too. It's so cute, it's almost weird?