Sunday, March 30, 2008

Original Gangster

Since my mom had surgery on her back, I have spoken to her everyday. There isn't always a lot to say and at times I find myself scraping the caverns of my mind to just keep her on the phone with me for 5 more minutes. She has been bored at home for two weeks since her surgery, unable to go back to work until she gets her doctor's signature. That was supposed to happen last Thursday, but the doctor's exceptionally inconsiderate wife had to go and break her water on the very same day thus forcing my mom to reschedule and stay home for another week. She was bitter about this fact and calling me to complain about how bored she was and as our conversation was clearly winding down, I hit her with this:

Me: Oh, you know what? I started a blog and you can read it.

Mom: Oh Jesus Christ.

Me: What? What do you mean?

Mom: Just what the world needs, another person’s opinion.

Me: Well you should check it out, you might think it’s funny or cool, or you know…it could be an insight into your daughter’s life.

Mom: No no. I don’t need it.

Me: Well it’s not like political or anything, it’s more like a “Dear Diary” sort of thing I’m not trying to sway you towards anything.

Mom: Even worse.

Me: Thank you so much Mother, for your support.

Mom: I called you to bitch, not the other way around.