Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hello World

My name is Allie. I’m not Alicia, I’m not Allison, I’m not Alexandra, Alexis, or Alana and I’m certainly not Alice. I am just Allie. My middle name is Jade and I was born on St. Patrick’s Day. My last name is Schuman. In high school my friends gave me the nickname Schumanator and it is obviously rad.

I was born in 1984 in San Diego, California where I lived and attended public school until I moved away to college. It is probably a temperate 70 degrees there right now. I can look back and laugh at the fact that I moved away from the best city in the world because I am a sarcastic and bitter son of a bitch and frankly this is just another notch on my belt.

No, I no longer live in a part of the world where the sun shines-I live in San Francisco. After high school I moved to Chico to go to the state school there and did what Wildcats do. While I was there I met The Man (not like “the man” but THE man) and after my junior year we moved in together and both attended San Francisco State. I graduated August 2007 with a degree in Anthropology. Yes- Anthropology, the most practical major in the world. I would make a comment about how he hasn't finished college yet, but that would only piss him off.

I do have a job (after a fabulous 5 month unemployment) that I do, surprisingly, like. The rest of my time is spent contemplating the endless blanket of fog that engulfs my house daily. How can it be so gloomy so consistently? As a California native it goes against all that I knew to be true and pure about the Golden State.

Speaking of Golden State, I am a big Golden State Warriors fan (NBA). Being a fan of any professional sports team goes against a hitherto vow of non-involvement but I just love me some Warriors basketball. I also play tennis with Mr. Rose which has become increasingly more difficult since we became adults or whatever.

We have one sort of bad dog, one really good dog and one cat that Mr. Rose often refers to as “creepy”.