Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And then it Explodes into this enormous collage

I saw this first video on Kottke.org last week, and just like the blogger, I've probably watched it five times already. I just can't handle the slide whistle that comes at 2:00 in. If you aren't nodding your head and snapping your fingers at that part, you're probably dead. My condolences.

It was all feeling so funky that I decided to see what else this artist had mixed together and I wasn't disappointed. One of my all time favorite TED Talks was by a woman named Jill Bolte. Bolte is a neuroanatomist brain scientist that had the terrible misfortune (but brilliant occupational opportunity) to experience a massive stroke. The way she discussed her perception of the world during the stroke struck a chord with me. Imagine my excitement when a few of her sound bites were used in the following video:

I finally stumbled across this last video. The sound bite that begins at 1:00 and repeats throughout the video has been stuck in my head for days. These beings, with soaring imaginations, eventually flung themselves and their machines...into interplanetary space.