Monday, July 5, 2010

Top 5 Memories of this years 4th of July weekend

1. Baby rattlesnake which I found by nearly stepping on. It was one of those moments when my brain asked itself a question and then answered before the question was done "Hm, weird, a toy sn- NO ITS NOT! NO ONE HERE HAS RUBBER SNAKE TOYS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH".

I'd like to say we scooped the little devil into a pillowcase and set him free well beyond the reaches of the family friendly farm, but alas, twasn't the way the shit went down. I didn't take any photos, but here's one from the internets:

2. Very Very pregnant pygmy goat named Fiona. I was SURE she would have little goatlets while we were there, but no. Scuttlebutt around the farm is that there are probably triplets in this belly, which means TWELVE little hooves clopping around in there = not comfortable.

3. Jon throwing nephew Liam up in the air during a post dinner night time swim. "I want to go so high that I touch the stars!!!"

4. Harry Potter themed wine goblets, originally conceived after deciding that I needed my own pimp chalice. In the form of the Goblet of Fire. The others have floating candles, Quidditch paraphernalia and Hagrid's pumpkin patch. Love them! Freehand painting credit goes 100% to Pat who so kindly painted them for me. Now I just need to bake them in the oven for the paint to stick (325 degrees for 45 minutes).

5. We downloaded a new voice for our GPS Navigation device and it is Master Yoda - and it RULES. Not only does he say "Drive three miles and Arrive you will", but where other GPS personalities would guide you to your "destination", Yoda will guide you to your "destiny".