Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Haps: As of Late

1. Avatar. PEOPLE. Run, don't walk to see this movie. It was amazing, magical, rich with awesome and unique characters and in the end just a great great story. Yes, I even teared up at one point. And I am not joking when I say that I read on CNN.COM that people are actually feeling depressed after seeing the movie because they just want more Pandora.

If you're going to spend the money to see it, you've got to go 3D. Seriously, it's 2010 friends.

2. (Baffled by) The utter lack of snow fall in the Tahoe Donner area of California during New Years week. Riddle me this, how can a weatherman be so wrong? Before we headed up to the mountains I checked the weather everyday and the forecast was SNOW, daily. Slowly, one by one, as the hours and days marched on the weatherman was predicting less and less snow. It became clear that it might never snow. But then suddenly, as though by way of post-Christmas miracle it started snowing!!!! For twelve minutes.

3. Jon and I built an igloo.



We built the foundation for an exceptional igloo.

The thing is, for some reason when it's cloudy everywhere else on Lake Donner, the sun still shines on Pat's cabin. Literally a tiny zipper is opened in the sky and the only thing distracting you from the large blue patch of sky is the intensely close winter sun staring you in the face. And yet it can be downright foggy on the other side of the lake.

Anyways. We built the igloo with the idea that it would be getting colder and colder, the snow would come, it would reinforce the igloo and give us fresh bricks. It would be a true winter wonderland. But as I mentioned, the snow didn't ever come. So the igloo was left unfinished.

Without the proper ambiance of a heavy snow, it was impossible to carry on.

We joked that Eskimos would be probably be thinking the exact opposite thing.

3. I let my cat move to Campana Farm this last Sunday. I was surprised by how sad I was about the whole thing. I was tired of the litter box, the dogs eating the cat food, the kitty litter kicked onto the floor, the god damned meowing. But at the same time, I saw this cat (whose name was Nelson at the time) at the Humane Society. He was teeny, orange and skittish. Found in Golden Gate Park. The nice volunteer boy explained that he was "just a little shy" as "Nelson" attempted to crawl up his back and out of the room. We had to have him.

When I originally told one of my coworkers that we were considering letting our cat go live "on the farm", she said "You mean...the farm in the sky?" I said "No!! No, no. Not the proverbial farm. The farm in Auburn."

I was seeking some sort of validation, or at least a response that provided some comfort.

"It's for the best" she said. "He will love it there and you can visit him all the time. It is a practically perfect situation."

I think she was right.

4. Um. So, well. It's January...and I'm back in the gym with the rest of America. It's been a while, I'm not going to lie... Which is exactly why in a post almost one year ago, I called 'going to the gym' a 'non-resolution'. Because I knew that I would not be blogging to you three months later in the best shape of my life, going to the gym before work and cracking eggs on my rock-hard abs.

I also wondered whether or not I was supposed to change "out-there". In the locker room. With no sheet or curtain or wall to protect my modesty. I've never been much of a proponent of the "We're all girls here" philosophy. But the 70 year old mexican woman's saggy breasts confirmed it today. Yes. I am supposed to change, there, in the locker room, with the other non-resolution having ladies.

I might need to ease in to that.

5. How to get removed from my facebook. Just post something like this:

what a piece of crap president. he needs to be out of office, hes lied about everything and putting us deeper and deeper into debt. i hate obama

Nikki Martin, we apparantly went to high school together at some point but I for the life of me do not know who you are and this Republican babble means, in the infamous words of Heidi Klum....."you're out."

6. Burrito Tuesdays have become an inadvertent tradition in our household. And what makes it even more special is that my homegirl behind the counter at Los Metates knows my order. By heart. So, with Burrito Tuesdays, I have fulfilled my lifelong dream of being able to step up to a register and say "the usual". And it feels good.