Monday, December 14, 2009

I've been meaning to show you....

A couple of videos that I took in Shanghai.

Before I left on my trip I bought a new iPod Nano - one that also serves as a video camera. It was the perfect size to travel with, but it also took amazing video and held more memory than my Dell Mini Laptop. I got the orange one and named it Orange Marmalade.

Shanghai was fun because as I've said it felt very artsy. Bands playing on the sidewalk, groups of retirees gathering in the morning for some public ballroom dancing and a traditional song in the touristy Dragon Mall Bazaar - This is how I remember Shanghai:

1. We happened upon this band playing outside of a hotel on Nanjing Road just a half of a block from our own hotel. People danced in couples and when someone didn't have a partner, they danced as though they did. Please note the woman in the pink pants at fifteen seconds through working the camera.

2. After I caught this next video a 90 year old man came over and talked to my mom and I. He said that this group of people got together every single morning to dance. For fun, but also for exercise. The funny thing about it was that this all took place in front of a Macy's like building at the start of a very long, very busy pedestrian walkway/mall. For a tourist like me, it felt more like a street performance.

3. My mom and I came across this woman singing in the Dragon Mall Shopping Bazaar, just outside the Yu Gardens. I love the old lady in red who is clicking the castanets and throwing up peace signs in the background.