Sunday, March 1, 2009

Journey to the Promise Land

Today is my mom's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Mamacita!!

I made a quick jaunt down to San Diego to spend a little time with the birthday girl this weekend - so quick that I didn't bother making many plans beyond hanging around the house and banking on nice weather. My flight out of San Francisco was delayed and I finally arrived around 9pm on Friday night. I was still sick - in fact probably MORE sick than I had been up to that point. Just a snotty, coughy, sneezy, glassy-eyed wreck and so as soon as we got home my mom went to bed and I took a hot bath and went to bed too.

Because my mom works on Saturdays until the early afternoon, I took a few hours to meet up with my old friend Courtney. Despite talking almost every single day (we both use instant messenger for work) we hadn't seen each other in at least two years. We decided to meet in downtown La Jolla. We loved La Jolla when we were in middle school and intent on roaming the city by bus. We both set out to meet there - but - we both got lost. Lost in our own hometown. It's embarassing really. I doubled back on two freeways and she called me wondering...Are you near Seal Beach??

As a matter of fact, I was near Seal Beach. I got there a bit before her so I could roam around and get some photos.

Just after I decided that I like totally needed my own pet seal it was time to find Court.

Sweating, unable to breathe and aching on the hill up to the store level, I, alongside an effortless Courtney Beatmon braked momentarily to catch my breath. "It's cause I'm sick..." I assured her. We ate outside at Jack's and it was truly good catching up.

My mom and I just kicked it for the rest of the day. Got the Mexican food that is mandatory during every visit home and watched The Sopranos until bed time.

It's no wonder I am so into Christmas and allegedly "peeking" at any gift that is headed my way: When I woke up this morning my mom had gone ahead and opened her present claiming that "it was on the table". Suuure it was. I'm willing to bet that she tampered with the wrapping so much that there was no choice but to just get rid of the evidence and open the whole damn thing. I'm not saying I blame her...That would be the very height of hypocrisy.

We hung around today - did my taxes which was exceptionally painful and spent some time in the sun. We also used the Kiva gift certificate that I got her to give a micro-loan to a woman in South America that wants to buy a portable cart to sell soda and other things. My flight in the evening was also delayed, but it ended up arriving a lot earlier than they said it would. All in all it was a great quick trip - I'm feeling a lot better than I was on Friday and it was good to spend my mom's birthday with her.

Also of note, for several weeks now my mom's dog Leya has been walking up the stairs backwards. If you think about it, it's a pretty amazing thing - the best part is that it is not the entire staircase, it is not a random decision on the way up, No - it is on the exact same stair everytime. We aren't sure if she had a bad experience on that stair at some point or what, but she is apparently very conistent. I got a video because this is the kind of thing you just don't believe until you see.

And, speaking of dog videos - click here for the Dooce rip off of the day. It is truly unreal.