Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shoe Shy

Getting photos of 'my week in my shoes' is proving to be more difficult than you might think. Since most of my day is done at work it only seems natural that I get a photo there. But who is dying to be "the girl that keeps taking pictures of her shoes?" Not I. So my original intention was to get a photo getting out of my car or something, simple, hidden - nevertheless having to do with my going to work. I tried to take the photo but I was just totally uninspired to tell you the truth.

So I tried a few times in the elevator. But 9 floors just is not enough, and a few people got on and I had to pretend like I was just scrolling through my photos, casually.

It would have to be my cubicle. So the first time I took a photo, I coughed a little bit to muffle the sound of the shutter. But that image came out blurry. So I tried again - no good. Is there anywhere else in this building I can get a fucking photo? I finally admitted to myself that like it or not I would have to use the flash. I went for it.

And was inevitably called out on it.

I went with an elevator photo in the end.