Sunday, November 16, 2008

Couldn't Wait Any Longer

On Friday evening I threw out the idea of taking out our Christmas decorations to Jon and he agreed that it would be a really good idea. But because it is like 80 degrees here and because after all, we haven't had Thanksgiving yet I decided that that would be totally premature.

So on Saturday I went to the mall and lo and behold- it is already Christmas at the mall. And there is just something about Christmas time at the mall- the obscenely intrusive cinnamon scent, the tacky and oversized Christmas bows and wreaths and of course Santa by the tree.

I shopped around and saw all of the little gift packages each store puts together and I even heard Christmas music, so I said to myself, if it is Christmas at the mall there is no reason that it can't be Christmas in my house too.

So I took out our decorations and spent the better part of the afternoon cuti-fying our house for everyone's most favorite time of the year. And by the time I take them down it will be February but it will feel like Christmas for four months straight.