Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tipping. Not Just a City in China.

I used to think that the word TIP meant "To Insure Promptness". An old roommate told me that and lord knows how many people I told, but that is not where the word came from. The word originates from the 16th century verb tip which means 'to give unexpectedly'.
These days its hard to give unexpected tips because there are so many instances in the United States that tipping has become the social norm. You know, some places in Asia consider a tip an insult but never the less when my hairdresser butchers my hair again I still give her a little extra something. Not because I feel like she just rocked my world or anything but because both she and I know that a tip is what is expected. We've set a precedent see, so there's nothing we can do.
Also, when we went to this restaurant I went into the ladies room and when I got out of the stall (Just number one, don't worry) there was a sort of dodgey looking sink that didn't really fit in. Through an open doorway was a marble counter top, fresh flowers, gold finishing kind of wash room. Without thinking about it, and ignoring the old woman that was trying to coax me into this bathroom paradise I went straight to the dodgey sink, I'm guessing because it looked way more like my own bathroom at home. The old woman actually gave me a bad look like I had done something wrong and that was when I realized that she was working for tips. FOR WHAT I ASK YOU? To hand me a paper towel? I totally appreciate it but I'm fairly certain I can handle that seemingly insurmountable task on my own. I will stick with my peasant's sink, thank you very much.
Don't get me wrong of course, I am not opposed to tipping people for a great job, in fact I happen to consider myself a generous tipper. Come to think of it...I'm pretty sure that in America....Bloggers accept tips.

Its customary.