Monday, May 12, 2008

The Case of the False Alarm

It was tough coming up with something to write about today. It came down to Miley Cyrus, the Duck Billed Platypus, Jon's inability to write in cursive and the following....

This is a note of correction: In a previous blog entitled "Banana Hater" I referred to a situation where my dear friend Erin set off the house alarm while she was out of control drunk. While indeed she was intoxicated, I have a confession to make: It was not Erin who set off the house alarm, but rather LEIGH.

Who is Leigh you ask? Well she is lovely, but that part doesn't matter....What does matter is that my mom had no idea who Leigh was and if I had told her who had really set off the alarm there would have been questions as to why I was having friends she didn't know sleep over. And why was there a shopping cart and huge American flag in the living room?

Anyways. Erin has been demanding reparations and while some of the other events of that night are hazy I can say with certainty that in the case of the False Alarm, she is not guilty.