Monday, April 28, 2008

Wrong Number

We recently got a new home phone number. Apparently the woman that had the number just before us had accumulated a great deal of debt and began to be harassed by creditors. So terrible was the annoyance of The Man calling day in and day out that she changed her number and left some sorry sap to pick up the pieces. (Us)

This is sort of like what happened my sophomore year at Chico. Our phone number was in the phone book listed under Chico DMV. Needless to say we got a ton of calls from people desperately trying to make a last minute appointment. We changed our outgoing message to the following and it was hilarious, (on the actual one we used our real first and last names):

Hello. You have reached the Chico Department of Motor Vehicles. Para Espanol, Oprima el Ocho. To leave a message for Nancy Parker press one, to leave a message for Donna Martin press two, to leave a message for Bunny Lebowski press three. To Speak to an operator or to return to the Main Menu press the star key.

At this point the message machine beeps and the Caller, bewildered, presses the star key. On our end we would hear a quick boop. Then a moment of silence. Then the Caller, even more confused holds the star key down. And our speaker would blare a "boooooooop."

When we had friends over at our place we would quiet everyone down at the sound of the phone ringing and the second Boop nearly brought the house down everytime.

Kids can be such punks.